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All digital TV Antennas receive more or less same video and audio quality; Some distributors use full HD while others are broadcast in standard definition. The real difference is the uncompressed signal received with an antenna and digitally distributed to channels and sub channels. Hence Digital TV Aerial installation in Brisbane is an important aspect which one should be conscious about.

If you are not getting right quality signal in your Digital TV Aerial in Brisbane here is something that a reputable installer should do in getting your antenna system right.


  • Firstly, a check of your current signal levels at the Digital TV outlet is important to determine where the problem exist, antenna or amplifier.
  • Perform a signal survey of your house or its surrounds with a digital signal meter to find the best location for the antenna.
  • Ensure that you choose the correct antenna for your area as cheap are not necessarily best and expensive may be over cost.
  • Check the type of cable from Digital TV Aerial to TV outlets to ensure proper fittings and correct installation

While Installation of the Digital TV Aerial is important, so also the post installation testing procedures which must be performed in order for a quick quality service.


Additionally if the Digital TV Aerial is connected to Amplifiers, other devices, datapoints it is little more complex. Hence a Professional antenna service technician needs to be hired to overcome any issue and get a warranted support.

At Express Antenna Services we will give advice, instructions, & suggestions so you can receive the maximum number of channels. We invite you to call us for all your Digital TV Aerial requirements in Brisbane. We have a nice standing for providing professional services with a friendly touch. Our team will work efficiently and carefully to ensure that you can get the best possible workmanship for your home or commercial property. We take pride in our work and after sales service. If after a storm you still cannot get your TV or Home Theatre etc. working again, call Express Antenna Services for a free quote or Telecommunications on mobile (0409 908 221) or mail us at ( .

As an adorable and affordable medium of entertainment, televisions are gaining a huge popularity among homeowners and business owners in Brisbane, Australia. Households of offices in Brisbane that want to have multi TV outlets should also opt for a professional aerial point installation service to add extra TV points in a safe and convenient way. A registered cabler or technician in Brisbane will efficiently install the extra TV points at your home or office. Whether it is your bedroom, the lounge or garage, the professionals will make sure in successfully installing a new aerial TV point at your residential or commercial property in Brisbane.

These days, extra TV points have become a necessity in many modern homes, which ensures the convenience of watching the favorite shows or matches from your own comfort zone. Let us discuss some useful points that will give you an idea of relying on a professional installation service setting up an aerial point in your Brisbane home or office:

1. Assurance of Quality Work:

By hiring a professional installation service to add extra TV point, you will be assured of enjoying an exceptional quality of service and affordable solutions. An experienced professional will use the finest quality products and the right techniques to install the aerial point that ensures in receiving a good signal and giving a crystal clear viewing experience.

2. 100% Satisfaction:

Whether it is your commercial or residential property, the professional and experienced technicians will efficiently install the extra TV points or aerial points as per the requirement, which will give you a complete peace of mind. This will help in solving the issues related to the reception as well as also fulfill your requirement of enjoying an uninterrupted entertainment.

3. Safety:

The last yet most important thing that indicates the importance of hiring experienced and professional technicians for installing the aerial points is safety. By hiring an expert and licensed cabler or technician, you will get an opportunity to enjoy a safe and top quality installation of TV points.

If you want a professional aerial point installation service in Brisbane at your home or office, then rely on Express Antenna Services. We are one of the most reliable and registered cablers in Brisbane that has expert technicians to deliver a superior quality service at an affordable price. Express Antenna Services is your one stop destination to enjoy top quality installation and flawless reception that suits your budget and requirement.

Run by an experienced antenna and reception specialist- Jon Burfield, Express Antenna Services is always ready to deliver you a cost-effective solution to fix your problem or issues in a timely fashion.

To make an appointment, call Jon today at 0409 908 221!

Digital Television Antenna Reception Problems to Check Out

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Brisbane has already made a big shift to digital antenna TV from analogue television. With your digital antenna in place you are all set ready to enjoy supreme picture & sound quality while watching your favorite TV program. However, poor reception can hinder your TV watching experience. In this post we’ll throw a look at some typical digital TV antenna reception problems.

Digital television antennas are needed to access free to air TV, but even a costly or high-quality digital TV antenna in Brisbane will be considered  worthless if it faces the following issues:

Hindrance to signals:

Signal hindrance can source bad reception of digital TV services & signal broadcasting. These comprise weather associated conditions, for example, strong winds, cloudy skies or storms. Physical hindrances such as lofty buildings, trees, plants and the neighboring landscapes can also hinder the signal reception. Resultantly, the picture on your TV turns out to be pixilated.

Broken TV antenna:

Your TV antenna may be susceptible to physical dent. If this occurs, don’t try to repair it by yourself. In terms of safety, it’s wise to call a professional technician to repair your broken TV  antenna in Brisbane.

Defective antenna installation:

The complexities you undergo with your digital TV reception may be sourced from an inopportune TV antenna installation. Not everybody possesses the skills to perfectly install a digital TV antenna in Brisbane. Therefore, always look for the service of a professional digital antenna installation in Brisbane.

Substituting your old Television:

Are you not satisfied at all with your Television viewing experience.  If you’ve observed pixilated pictures or audio dropout these could be the signs that your present antenna isn’t compatible with Digital signals.

Check out Express Antenna Service for reliable digital aerial installation in Brisbane. Jon Burfield is a registered cabler with more than 15 years of experience in this field. Apart from digital TV installation he also installs Wall Mount Flat Screen TVs, HD set top boxes, digital TV signal amplifiers, etc.  Call him now for extra TV points or any needed cabling. He is available 24×7 at 0409 908 221.

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